Don’t Forget to Pack a Book

It’s work experience week here at Book and Kitchen and we have a new resident bookworm in the shape of Yasemin Gross (age 15). It turns out she’s the perfect person to do a check up on the state of our children’s section and to put together our “suitcase” of recommendations for the school holidays starting next week.

Over to her..

Books & Holidays
by Yasemin Gross

0807I am going to give a short introduction on why I read books in the holidays. It is relaxing to do when you get bored and you explore the scene, characters, theme in the story and what genre the book is. I think a book is the perfect thing to have beside you when you are travelling around the world to any country as an extra fun tool which you can take with you any where, when you have extra time and are very tired and need a good relaxing break …mmmm

You can decide if a book is right for you by reading the blurb at the back and the way in which they describe the story and the spelling, punctuation and grammar. This helps you find out what age the book is aimed at.

The books I most enjoy reading are books such as Tom Gates, Roahl Dahl, The Chronicles Of Narnia, The Hunger Games and other adventerous stories.

Here at Book and Kitchen there are a range of books you can read: childrens books, adult books, cook books, for making and creating lovely dishes especially a family get together in the summer. For the teens, like me, there is a great range of genres that are perfect such as war, adventure, funny books and comics etc.

Why not come along to Book and Kitchen before your next holiday to pick up a book or two?

Wise words Yasemine, wise words…