ARG London – Unbridled by Jude Dibia

06/09/2015 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm


This month we will be discussing ‘Unbridled’ by Jude Dibia

Unbridled is the second book by Jude Dubia and chronicles the story of Ngozi, a Nigerian woman with a troubled past that after suffering various abuses by members of her family, is sent to Lagos to live with an uncle.
Eventually she will become friend with Tiffany Okoro that will bring in her life a new world and will lead her to England.

Jude Dibia is one of the most recognized names in contemporary Nigerian literature. He is a graduate of Modern European Languages with a major in German. His novels and short stories are known for their contemporary and controversial themes that address a number of issues from sexuality, gender roles, race and the stigma of HIV/AIDS in modern day Africa.

London edition of the African Reading Group (ARG!) is there to help readers keep up with the explosion of literature coming out of Africa and its diaspora. We are a ‘new voice’ reading group, focusing on short story collections, novels and some critical or non-fiction. From time to time we may go back to a classic of African literature — but the emphasis is on the new.

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