Notting Hill Unplugged: Gabrielle Papillon

14/07/2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
£10 tickets; Limited Seating


“The Tempest of Old is an ebb and flow, showing Papillon’s mastery of contrast between dark edges and soft dawns.” — Sarah Towle, Exclaim!

“I cannot stop listening to (Gabrielle Papillon’s) stunning album” –Sarah Polley (Director/Producer)

“This is the kind of music that’s going to make you stop in your tracks. One of the finest new songwriters in Canada.”–Tom Power, host of CBC’s Deep Roots

“While everyone is still essing Feist’s dee and searching for the new Hannah Georgas album, we’re looking for music like Gabrielle Papillon’s.” –Meet the Band, Little Red Umbrella

“Papillon is one of the most interesting writers and singers to come along of late.” –Bob Mersereau, CBC

“Youngsters, do not be fooled by her petite-ness. She is a song avalanche.”–Jenn Grant, via CBC Music

“When you come to your knees / when you hold what you need / you will know what to keep,” sings Gabrielle Papillon near the end of her sixth, most adventurous album. Hear it as a promise, hear it as a mantra, hear it as a weary warning from someone who’s been there—the sweeping and heart-piercing new album is packed full of thoughts like this, wise and poignant, empathetic and understanding, open to interpretation.

Papillon’s music, too, is now open to interpretation—though it remains confidently, almost nonchalantly rooted in folk strumming and gentle vocal phrasings, on this new project she has embraced her pop leanings and pushed them to the forefront. The songs pulse with strings and drama, keys and evocative percussion that combine for surprising left-turns, the kind of thing you’d find on a playlist between Florence Welch and Thom Yorke, bold without sacrificing emotion.

Gabrielle’s live show has evolved faster than the recordings, a tight three- to four-piece band acting as pillars around its diminutive leader, who commands any size stage with measured guitar-playing and a casually huge voice. The band is skillful and supportive, offering meticulously honed musicianship and a familiar interplay that comes from spending years on the road together. These new songs come to life, live, with vigour and verve.

For these UK performances, Gabrielle will be accompanied by long-time band member Sean MacGillivray on upright bass and vocals, with a few tricks up their sleeves.

For more information on Gabrielle Papillion:

Twitter: @gabpapillon