People & Politics: NHS for Sale – Myths, Lies and Deception conversation with Jacky Davis and John Lister

30/09/2015 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Can we reimagine the NHS?

Part of Season 1 of our People and Politics series, that aims to delve beneath the surface of some of the most urgent political and social issues facing both young and old in the UK and beyond. This season’s focus is Democracy in the 21st Century.

JackyDavis_JohnLister_logoJacky Davis and John Lister, both founding members of the Keep our NHS Public and authors of the new important book, “NHS for Sale: Myths, Lies & Deception” which examines why the NHS is perceived to be in crisis and the myths that underly The Coalition’s Health ad Social Care Act which has brought in savage spending cuts and pushed through the kind of ‘reforms’ which are putting at risk the health and lives of all of us.

John Lister is a journalist by trade who has worked 31 years as Information director of London Health Emergency, with a brief to fight cuts, closures and privatisation. In 2004 he was awarded a doctorate in global health policy and “marketisation” of health care. He has written extensively about the NHS and authored books on international health policies, the NHS and health journalism, teaches at MSc level in Coventry University’s Faculty of Health & Life Sciences.  He also works as a consultant researcher for health unions and for campaigners.

Dr Jacky Davis is a consultant radiologist at in North London. She co-edited NHS SOS and is a member of the BMA UK Council.

Join us for a captivating interview and discussion on the issues, myths, lies and deception around the NHS and what we can all do to protect the NHS from increasing corporate greed and what can be done to enable the delivery of affordable quality healthcare for all.

‘Essential reading in the battle to save the NHS before private companies bleed it dry.’ Ken Loach

Some of the questions we will be asking Jacky Davis and John Lister:

Is affordable and quality healthcare for all possible in the 21st Century when governments are pushing with more privatisations? What can we do to reduce the increases in bureaucracy and waste?

All guests will have the opportunity to ask questions.

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