Who’s Talking to Whom?: A Poetry Clinic

01/08/2015 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

PoetryClinicThe voice on the page and how to bring it to life.

Join a small group of  8 to 12 people to explore how to realise the poetic voice in oral reading.

“Irit’s workshops are intense occasions where time disappears in close examination of the language and intention of each text.  We find her method improves our performance, but also – and more importantly – offers us a new way to approach redrafting our work. Her method is a brilliant critical tool.  She is a serious and committed teacher who works herself and her students hard for great rewards.  Can’t recommend her workshops highly enough.” Indian King Poets, Cornwall

This 2 hour workshop, run by Irit Sela, offers a systematic reading method that lets the text itself reveal how it works, how it can come to life, bringing us face to face with the true meaning of each word and how those words fit the ‘score’ of the piece. By looking at the text from different angles and practicing each angle orally, then reassembling it, the tempo, rhythm, energy, as well as the choice of an interpretative stance, prevent generalization and cliché, while allowing poetic ambiguities to remain alive, effective and affective.

This method enables us to improve our ability to listen to each word while following the intention and energy of the train of thought which flows along a text, while retaining the lyrical quality and the integrity of sound and sense. Working with Irit Sela can help with performance, but more than that, it gives writers a new angle from which to appraise and improve their own work. Through bringing to life the speech activity that takes place within a text, sometimes elusive or invisible, she goes on to focus on the interaction between the written word, the reader and the audience.

This innovative method is useful to writers of poetry and literary prose in the writing process, as well as to actors and musicians in understanding and delivering poetry in performance.

You will need to bring all your energy and expect to come away exhausted but with many new ways of reading and enjoying the written word.

indexAbout Irit Sela

Founding co-editor of Helicon Society for the Advancement of Poetry in Israel, 1990. Helicon Poetry Workshops: masterclasses for beginning poets at Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Jerusalem. Founder (with Siham Daoud) of joint Arabic-Hebrew Poetry Workshops in 2001. Poetry Editor and translator [Hebrew – English]. Teaches poetry through methodical oral rendition at Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music and at the Helicon School of Poetry. Artistic director of Rimon project: composing music to Hebrew poetry.

B.A. and B.F.A. in Theater (1976) and an M.A. in Hebrew Literature (2006) – both from Tel Aviv University. 1970-1986: Assistant director, Production& Stage manager at: Haifa Municipal Theatre, Habima National Theatre, Cameri Theatre & Tzavta fringe theatre, among others.Member of political-humanitarian NGO Machsomwatch [Checkpoint Watch]. Mother of two sons.