Portobello Live! presents… Pull My Daisy – Storytelling, Spoken Word, Poetry

08/08/2015 @ 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm

pull my daisy
Portobello Live! presents…

A night of readings and recollections of Notting Hill Carnival. Featuring some of the most prominent and contemporary local authors and performers – come and relive the Carnival through their words!


Line up
Don LettsChris Salewicz •  Ishmahil BlagroveBrian NevilRay Roughler-JonesLaura Del-RivoVery Special Guests


About the performers

Don Letts

Don Letts’ reputation has been firmly established in both the film and music world, by a substantial body of work, from the late 70’s through the 80’s, 90’s and well into the millennium. His work has been exhibited in The Kitchen N.Y.C, The Institute of Contemporary Art, The N.F.T in London and was honoured at Brooklyn’s BAM festival. In March 2003 he won a Grammy for his documentary ‘Westway To The World’. Learn More

Chris Salewicz

Chris Salewicz is an acclaimed music journalist and writer. He was at NME in the late 1970’s and early ’80’s and has written copiously for the Sunday Times, The Face and Q magazine. His books include the classic biographies of Joe Strummer, Bob Marley and the lavishly applauded biography of Jamaica titled ‘Rude Boy’.

Brian Nevill

Musician, Writer, Record Collector and Creative Loafer. Brian Nevill is a baby boomer born of Anglo-German parents in occupied Germany.At the age of nineteen, having played drums in semi-professional groups, he tried his hand at turning professional. When this gained him much experience but little remunerative reward, Brian returned to ‘day’ work. This period included publishing an underground newspaper and eventually moving to west London and working for a London underground paper. Selling records at his own indoor market stall on Portobello Road was followed by working in many of London’s specialist record shops over the next few years. When the lure of playing music returned it led to Brian’s longest period as a professional musician, travelling extensively and living in Europe and the United States followed by time as a freelance music consultant. Brian has recently published his first book “Boom Baby” in 2013. Learn more

Ray Roughler-Jones

Ray Roughler-Jones was born in a working-class area of Swansea. He settled in Ladbroke Grove  in 1979, and become a key figure in the burgeoning music and art scene emerging from the boho pubs around Notting Hill. He toured with Joe Strummer, hung out behind the scenes in Paris fashion houses and mingled with the fast and flash London set. Learn more

Laura Del-Rivo

The first novel by Del Rivo, The Furnished Room (1961) set in bohemian London, was successfully adapted in 1963 into the film West 11. Del Rivo published some of her early work in Intimate Review, an underground paper edited by the poet John Rety, by whom she later had a son. The paper circulated among the literary crowd of the Soho coffee houses and attracted contributions from many contemporary writers such as Doris Lessing, Bill Hopkins and Bernard Kops. She has recently published “Where is My Mask of an Honest Man?” a collection of short stories set in and around Notting Hill. Learn More