Voices from the Jungle – Stories from the Refugee Camp

24/06/2017 @ 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm

‘These first-hand accounts of the suffering endured by the refugees fleeing unmitigated horror in their homelands paints a far more vivid picture than anything we read in the press or see on television’  – Julie Christie

‘Writing this is not only a way for the world to know us, but a way that we may know ourselves, once again.’- JJ Bola, Writer, Poet, Author of No Place to Call Home (2017)

‘Sometimes my mum calls me: ‘Shikeb, how are you?”mum,ok! I have everything, even a car; I am going to university.’ But I am living in the Jungle.’ Shikeb (from Afghanistan)

Voices From the Jungle: Stories From the Refugee Camp is an anthology of stories, poems, photographs and drawings by the then-inhabitants of the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais, France, which has since been demolished by the French government.

The residents of the ‘jungle’ who lived there from 2015-2016, began a accredited course on ‘Life Stories’ taught by a small team of academics in the camp. The fruition of this course is reflected in the books stories. Through vivid accounts they reveal the wars and persecutions that drove them from their homes; their terror and strengths during their extraordinary journeys; and the hope that has carried them forward. Evoking the hardships of life in a refugee camp, these stories also show that the ‘Jungle’ was a place where people built a powerful sense of community against the odds. In spite of evictions and attacks, the refugees shared a solidarity which crossed national and religious boundaries.This is an extraordinary account of the power of hope and human resilience.

voices from the jungleThere will be a panel discussion from the team behind ‘Voices from the Jungle’  project, as well as the wider refugee crisis. The focus of the discussion will be on the stories provided in the book ‘Voices From the Jungle’.The afternoon will be a oppurtunity to get closer to the experiences of many refugees in Calais and gain a deeper insight into the power of storytelling and it’s importance.

This is a free event, RSVP required, please email rebecca@bookandkitchen.com