(eye)detic is a london based visual artist

Drawing on her experience in theatre and puppetry, and inspired by a love of unconventional story telling and film, (eye)detic produces carefully crafted art installations, animations, performance and video art, to inspire, intrigue and provoke thought.

Surreal, sensual and fantastical with a hint of alchemy.

She collaborates with various soundscape artists and composers to create audiovisual performances, where her carefully crafted lush visuals integrate seamlessly with the music.

All of the prints start out as sketches of characters which will feature in her audio visual installations. Some of the sketches are then developed further, turning them into pen and ink paintings.  The bolder, sharper designs are copied and drawn on to silk screens, which are exposed to create the screen prints.  At the moment, (eye)detic is focusing on a gold theme, which relates to the visuals she is working on, these are surreal, fantastical and opulent. 

Limited editions prints, prices range from £60 to £94.99 (Framed and unframed)

eyedetic - 01 eyedetic - 02 eyedetic - 03 eyedetic - 04
eyedetic - 05 eyedetic - 07 eyedetic - 06