Lovely Jubbly

imageIt has been HOT HOT HOT at Book and Kitchen today though not too hot for some visiting lizards (aka customers) who basked in the rays of the outside courtyard. Personally, our favourite spot is on the tables downstairs where a cool(ish) breeze winds its way through and up the stairs.

Despite having a selection of cold drinks on hand to keep them hydrated, all we could think of was ice lollies – frozen, head shrinking coolness.

A story came to mind of one of our resident customers who has been living in the area since her childhood. On visiting the shop, she mentioned that she had visited the street as a child to pick up her favourite treat from the grocers at the end of All Saints Road* – a frozen orange ice lolly known as a Jubbly.

It got us thinking, and after a bit of digging it appears that this could well be the origin of the phrase Lovely Jubbly and not, as we previously assumed, the inspired words of the ever wise Dell Boy (Only Fools and Horses).

In the 1950s, at the height of Jubbly’s fame, an advertising campaign was launched with the catchy slogan “Lubbly Jubbly”. Following a short period of chinese whispers and some celebrity endorsement from David Jason, Lovely Jubbly came to be.

So back to the heat. For all those of you tempted to start complaining about the heat, remember the wise bard’s words “Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.” (William Shakespeare), then pick up a cold drink (or lolly), find your patch of evening sunshine and have a lovely jubbly weekend.

*For more info on All Saints Road’s story through the ages go to the  Colville History Society website.