A recipe for creativity

A warm Terracewelcome to our very first shiny new blog post.

Book and Kitchen, perhaps self-evidently, is about reading and feeding, both vital for physical and spiritual wellbeing. As luck would have it, they are both enjoyable too! Our blog will explore all things related to both.

The link between the stomach and the written word is a strong one. Balzac was famous for drinking more than 50 cups of coffee per day in order to get his creative juices flowing (presumably whilst bouncing off the walls). Vladimir Nabokov was partial to a boiled egg to hatch his next plot, so much so that he “created” his very own recipe for Eggs à la Nabocoque which involves complex techniques such as lowering eggs into boiling water and timing to the 200th second.

With the sun shining here at Book and Kitchen, the current magic formula for creativity is:

1) Find a spot on our sunny terrace
2) Arm yourself with a fresh drink
3) Sit back, smell the roses and let the magic happen